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Welcome to Wilds Community Gaming!

Thank you for coming! We hope you enjoy the servers, as they're minigames and such. They are 24/7, and different things available to Donators if you donate to a certain Server! (Example: joining full games and flying around the lobby in Hide and seek).

Testing will be available soon, and with that in mind, we'll need people to test. Register and PM me (@Mr.Wild) if you'd like to Test our servers as they go up and go in to testing.

One thing you gotta keep in mind is it's one server a time. First, it'll be Survival & Factions or Hide and Seek. if that does well, 1-2 weeks later it'll be another one of the other completed ones. 

We will need staff as well, so you can apply on our forums soon by clicking here to go to the section to apply on the forums. We will need some staff on each 1 to keep the hackers gone, and to fix any problems if people have any bugs or problems encountered!

Server Information: 
Below are the servers that are completed, being worked on, and then the ones that are on hold. As i complete these, and get them hosted, i will put IPs beside each completed one. I will also update the "Servers being worked on" and "Servers on hold" list. you guys can suggest other servers to make if you'd like and me and the staff can get working on those as soon as we can!

Donating helps support the servers (Aprox. $10/m for each but Survival Games), and you can also get stuff in return like Joining full games in hide and seek, getting items and commands like /fly and /enderchest, as well as donator only events and areas. You will also have the chance to beta test our servers as well as we upload them. More benefits to come. You can go to the donating site (Buycraft) by clicking here to view our packages and such under each category. (Link will be there shortly)

Submitting Maps:
If you want to Submit some Maps for our one of our servers to use, Click here. Go to the right category your map belongs to, and make a post in there with the following requirements:
  • Screenshots
  • Map Information
  • What kind of map? (Ex. Trouble in Mineville)
  • In-Game Name
  • Builders (Including yourself)
  • How long it took you
  • Why we should use it in that server
  • How can i reach you

If you follow these requirements, i will message you in-game, on the website, or even email/Message you on skype. I will be in contact about the map, and i will tell you what i like and dislike about it. If it all goes well, ill ask you for the download link and all shall happen. i shall have the map on that server, you can test it, and you shall be credited for making that map. 

Current Staff:
  • Mr.Wild (Owner, username Ingame is wroyce9312)
  • Urshr (Co-Owner, Username ingame is Urshr)

Completed Servers:
  • Survival Games
  • One in the Chamber
  • Hide and Seek
  • Trouble in Mineville

Servers being worked on
  • RPG Survival
  • Survival & Factions
  • Hot Potato
  • Blocks vs Zombies
  • Build It

Servers on Hold
  • Minecraft TF2 (Beta)
  • PVP Arena (Shops and such in it)
  • Skyblock war
  • Infected
  • CTF
  • Mob Arenas
  • TDM
  • KitPVP
  • SuperCraftBros
  • Spleef
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